Best Place to Sell Your Hublot

We might be a little biased, but we believe RK & Co. Luxury Lending is the most trusted name in pre-owned Hublot watches in Georgia. We want to make your visit with us worthwhile, providing you reliable prices and information you can trust. We strive to make the process as TRANSPARENT and easy as possible, ensuring your satisfaction and complete happiness with your sale. We’re positive you’ll love our transparent ways of dealing with you. We will appraise your watch for what it is truly worth. Let us help you get the amount that you deserve.


Widely recognized as experts in Hublot, RK & Co. Luxury Lending is the premier buyer of high-end watches in the Atlanta area and, in fact, the state of Georgia. We are a family-owned jewelry store with deep roots in the community and a proven track record in truly having the interest of the consumer in mind. We are also an established buyer of fine watches locally and nationally through online channels. Thanks to our exclusive network of private buyers and collectors, we are able to regularly offer our clients more money than any other watch buyer, including online auctions.

A scion of the Italian Binda Group dynasty, best known for making Breil watches, Carlo Crocco left the company in 1976 to strike out on his own and create a new watch company. Moving to Switzerland he formed MDM Geneve and set about designing a watch that he named the Hublot after the French word for “porthole”. The watch that he created featured the first natural rubber strap in the history of watchmaking. It took 3 years of research to create the strap. Despite failing to attract a single potential customer on the first day of its debut at the 1980 Basel Watch Fair, the watch quickly proved to be a commercial success with sales in excess of $2m in its first year. Source: Wikipedia

Some of the important models that we purchase from our clients in the Atlanta area:

  • 2 Tone PVD Rose Bezel
  • Auro Chrono Black Magic
  • Aero Chrono Steel
  • All Black 33mm
  • Arturo Fuente Forbidden X
  • Aspen
  • BB King Black Magic
  • Big Bang Gold Shiny
  • Black
  • Black Caviar
  • Black Magic
  • Black Magic Classic
  • Black Magic Evolution
  • Black on Bracelet
  • Carbon
  • Classic Fusion 42mm Rose w/Diamond Bezel
  • F1 Abu Dhabi
  • Ferrari All Black
  • Ferrari Ceramic Carbon
  • Ferrari Rose Ceramic
  • Ferrari Rose Gold
  • Ferrari White Ceramic Carbon
  • Flamego
  • GMT Rose Gold
  • Jeans
  • King Power Unico
  • Pop Art Rose Pink
  • Pop Art Yellow Gold Apple
  • Potocervo Pave Rose Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Rose/Ceramic Bezel Classic
  • Rose/Ceramic Bezel Evolution
  • Silverstone 45mm
  • “Special One” Titanium
  • Spirit of Big Bang Titanium
  • Spirit of Big Bang Rose Gold
  • Split Second Vendome All Black Blue
  • St. Moritz Diamond Bezel
  • Steel Caviar
  • Steel/Black Bezel
  • Steel/Ceramic Bezel Classic
  • Steel/Ceramic Bezel Evolution
  • Steel/Steel Bezel
  • Steel/Steel Bezel classic
  • Steel/Steel Bezel Evolution
  • Titanium 42mm
  • Titanium Black Shiny Dial
  • Titanium Solo Time 45mm
  • Titanium Gold 45mm
  • Tutti Frutti Apple
  • Tutti Fritti Rose
  • Ultra Thin Skeleton Black PVD
  • Ultra Thin Skeleton Rose Gold
  • Ultra Thin Skeleton Titanium
  • Unico 2 Tone PVD Rose Bezel
  • Unico (all models)
  • White

We also purchase other high-end watch brands:

By creating this webpage, it is our intent to arm you with the knowledge needed to sell your Hublot or other high-end watch for the maximum amount possible. We hope you can use it to make an informed selling decision.

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