Selling your unwanted jewelry has never been as easy and fast as it is with RK & Co. Luxury Lending.  When you decide that it is time to clean out the jewelry closet and get new pieces, come see us. Our selling process is simple, fast, and safe no matter what you bring in. Our clients’ satisfaction is our main goal.

We offer fair appraisal values when you sell your jewelry, and we offer a wide variety of new options to choose from.  Never get bored of your existing jewelry – sell your old pieces and find new ones that you truly love.  Show off your new necklace or flaunt your ring. You deserve to fall in love with new unique pieces, not hide your old ones wishing they were different, or worse yet, keep them in a safety deposit box.

Selling your diamonds can be a hassle, not to mention a little nerve-wracking. Are you getting a fair price? Is your diamond valued correctly for the size and shape that it is? Can you really trust who you are giving it to? With close to 500 five-star online reviews for our parent company, RK & Co Jewelers, you can rely on your Top Rated Local® Lending Experts in Alpharetta.  You can count on us to give you fair and reasonable prices for any piece of jewelry or diamond, every time.

When you’re ready to sell your used engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and more, RK & Co. Luxury Lending is your trusted friend in the business.  We will always offer you the value of which you deserve for your items and give you a fair quote. Come see us today – we look forward to helping you with your jewelry sale.


You loved it once, now you’re ready to move on. If you have diamond jewelry that you don’t wear anymore, why not sell it? Maybe it’s a diamond ring that you’ve outgrown, or a necklace that no longer suits your taste; whatever the case, don’t let it sit around or even worse don’t just keep it in a safety deposit box that’s costing you money every single month. Sell it and put the cash to good use. As one of the most premier pawn shops in the state of Georgia, we understand diamonds in a way that no one else does. Let our experts help you when you’re ready to sell your jewelry for the best price.


Will I get the same amount I paid for my diamond when I sell it?

No. The reason for this is that the retailer you are selling your diamond to can get a comparable diamond at just about any time at wholesale prices from a diamond wholesaler. It costs a lot of money to “sit” on diamond inventory for long periods of time. For that reason, you will not be offered the price you paid for your diamond.

Can I expect to get the same amount I paid for my jewelry when I sell it?

No. As with diamonds, the same holds true for jewelry – you will not get the same amount you originally paid. Again, this is because the jewelry store can purchase or even make a comparable piece at wholesale pricing. It also has to do with keeping the right inventory. In the jewelry business, having and selling the “right” jewelry is very critical. Kept unchecked, having too much inventory that won’t sell can certainly contribute to a jewelry store going out of business.

Should I even sell my diamond or jewelry?

The determining factor has to do with whether or not you’ll ever wear the jewelry again. If not, it’s time to sell and do something good for yourself or a loved one with the proceeds. If you don’t sell your jewelry before you meet your maker, the person(s) who inherits the jewelry will sell it and enjoy the money for you. If you are never going to wear that diamond ring or the jewelry grandma left you and it’s just sitting around (or worse yet you have it locked up in a safety deposit box), sell it or trade it for a piece that you will love.

What if I am still sentimentally attached?

Because diamonds are often symbols of passion and love, they can be harder to part with than any other piece of jewelry. Nonetheless, you have to leave your emotions out of selling. Sentimental feelings may raise the price of the diamond in your eyes, but a potential buyer won’t be so moved. If you are considering selling diamond jewelry whose sentimental value has diminished but you’re still clinging to memories, recognize that while it was a part of your life at one time, and most likely represented someone or something important to you, you need to move on. Diamonds are only material things. Your peace of mind is more important.

What are my options to sell my diamond or jewelry?

By far your best option is to sell your diamond or jewelry to another individual who is interested in wearing it or giving it to a loved one. There is no middle man. You agree on a price and you make the deal. If you decide to go this route, you may consider advertising in the local classifieds, Craigslist, or eBay. With Craigslist, you need to be careful of potentially dangerous situations when meeting strangers. You should also be wary of scammers regardless of what online forum you might use to sell your jewelry.

Your next best option is to consign your diamond or jewelry. Make sure you leave your valuables with a trusted jewelry store that sells estate jewelry. Selling your diamond or jewelry on consignment makes sense if you are not in need of immediate cash.

Your final option is to sell your diamond or jewelry to a trusted and qualified buyer. The primary advantage of selling to someone in the industry is time. If you want to sell quickly and safely with little fuss over marketing your valuables, target a respected jewelry store. The most critical step is to choose someone you trust. Work with someone that has earned its good reputation rather than someone that has purchased it through clever internet marketing.

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Should I get an appraisal on my diamond or jewelry by an independent jeweler before I sell them?

No. The reason is because the professional jewelry store that has a GIA Graduate Gemologist on staff has the knowledge to properly evaluate and make you a realistic offer. You will never get back the money you spend on an appraisal of a piece you are looking to sell.

Does RK & Co. Luxury Lending buy diamonds and jewelry?

Yes. RK & Co. Luxury Lending is a family-owned business with deep roots within our local community.   Our parent company, RK & Co. Jewelers is a jewelry store with a proven track record in truly having the interest of the consumer in mind. We also pride ourselves as being the best local diamond buyer in the Atlanta area and quite possibly all of Georgia. When you deal with us to sell your valuables, you deal with the owner of the business Reza Khalaj who is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and an expert in buying diamonds and jewelry. He will walk you through the process by going above and beyond your expectations. We are confident you will appreciate his thoroughness and the transparent way he will take care of you. Our beautiful showroom location in Alpharetta is convenient to residents all over the metro area.

RK & Co. Luxury Lending is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, in the Flynn Crossing Shopping Center at the intersection of Windward Parkway and McGinnis Ferry Road.  When you are ready to sell, please give us a call to schedule a confidential appointment.  If you have a diamond with a GIA certificate, please bring the cert with you.  Thank you for considering RK & Co. Luxury Lending for this important decision.