The Best Place to Pawn Gold, Platinum, Bullion, & Coins


RK & Co. Luxury Lending offers secured loans on precious metals, specifically gold and platinum.  Not only do our jewelry buyers loan against, buy, and sell gold and platinum jewelry, but we also deal in gold and platinum bullion and coins. While we generally do not loan against, or purchase, silver jewelry, our pawn store will loan against and purchase sterling silver flatware and tableware.

RK & Co. Luxury Lending is not your typical pawn shop in Suwanee.  We do not simply weigh your metal and provide a loan based on a percentage of the spot price of that particular metal. Rather, we pay a premium for signed goods and gemstones. Our jewelry business takes into account aesthetic value, numismatic value, and overall saleability when determining the value of your item. We look forward to both seeing your precious metals and answering any questions that you may have.

Gold is measured in karats – a unit of purity out of 24 – with each karat indicating 1/24th of the whole. Typically, gold jewelry in the US is 10, 14, 18 and 22k.

When we consider any type of item containing gold, we look at the percentage of gold within a particular piece in relation to the daily gold trading price.

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