Asset Loans Against Auction-Worthy Handbags in Suwanee, GA


RK & Co. Luxury Lending is an active lender and purchaser of luxury handbags, but we are very particular with what we’ll pawn. With jewelry financing and loans, we will loan on anything gold, but with handbags, our criteria is very specific.

If the bag is not Hermes, Chanel, or a close equivalent and does not have a retail price of over $5,000, then our jewelry business will likely turn it down.

RK & Co. also requires that the handbag is in excellent condition. In most cases, we require provenance, specifically a receipt from the retailer where it was purchased. We do buy luxury handbags in Suwanee, but we ask that you get a free quote online before coming into the store. We don’t want you to waste a trip if we know we won’t accept your item. We look forward to discussing your handbags. Below are just some of the criteria we use to determine loan value.

Every asset is unique, and our appraisers will fully appreciate that. Below are just some of the criteria we use to determine loan value:

  • Brand and Model – unquestionably, brand is a major determinant of value. We currently accept Hermès, Chanel, and close-equivalent brand handbags only
  • Material – whether your handbag is leather, crocodile, patent leather, calfskin, etc., material will play a role in your handbag’s value
  • Condition – scratches, abrasions, damages to construction, and any visible wear and tear decreases value
  • Accessories – including purchased accessories with your handbag can often increase your loan value
  • “Provenance” – the original box, dust cover, receipt, certificate, or other papers associated with the handbag will add to its value

In addition to the factors stated above, our appraisers combine their own current market knowledge with insights from manufacturer databases, when available. This includes Hermès and Chanel repair centers as well as auction records, from auction houses themselves and third-party data collectors. As part of our diligence, our buyers also look for a match with registers of lost and stolen items.

On occasion, we may request that you leave your items with us for further evaluation and authentication.

Get started with a free quote online. Use the form to the right to tell us about your handbag you want to sell or get a loan against.